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Our company was established in 1998, is a professional production of household daily necessities of industry and trade enterprises. Now owns 20000 square meters of plant, has passed ISO9000 and WCA verification. The factory mainly produces various types of masks, mosquito repellent, aromatic agent, deodorant, toilet cleaning agent, moisture-proof and moisture-absorbing agent and other products. Ice touch fit mask for women suppliers and company. It has a 100,000-level standard dust-free purification workshop, more than 30 fully automated mask production lines, with an average daily production capacity of 1 million masks, and intelligent management and production through ERP system. Deodorizing aroma, mosquito repellent and other product formulations are introduced from abroad, advanced, environmental protection, and the effect is remarkable. Custom Ice touch fit mask for women. Every year, the company will invest funds to develop new products and improve new equipment to meet the different needs of the market and customers.Our Ice touch fit mask for women are mainly exported to Japan (80%), Europe (15%), Australia (5%) and other countries and regions, the product quality is good, the price is reasonable, the service is in place, well received by domestic and foreign customers.

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Product knowledge
Are there any potential skin sensitivity issues associated with the materials used in the mask?

As individuals explore the innovative features of the Ice Touch Fit Mask , it's essential to address potential skin sensitivity concerns related to the materials used in the mask. 
Material Selection:
The Ice Touch Fit Mask incorporates carefully chosen materials known for their comfort and hypoallergenic properties. The double S spunbonded non-woven fabric for internal and outer layers, along with the high-specification melt-blown fabric, aims to provide a protective barrier without compromising on wearer comfort.
Hypoallergenic Design:
The mask's design takes into account the possibility of skin sensitivity by avoiding common irritants and allergens. Hypoallergenic materials are chosen to minimize the risk of skin reactions, making the Ice Touch Fit Mask suitable for a broad range of users, including those with sensitive skin.
Testing and Certifications:
The Ice Touch Fit Mask conduct rigorous testing to ensure that the materials meet safety and quality standards. Certifications from relevant authorities may also be obtained, indicating that the mask has undergone assessments to verify its hypoallergenic nature.
Adjustability and Fit:
The mask's fit is crucial in preventing skin irritation. Adjustable features, such as ear loops or nose wires, are incorporated to allow users to customize the fit according to their facial contours, reducing friction and potential discomfort.

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Our factory has sound facilities and full functions, which is very suitable for mass production.

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