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Our company was established in 1998, is a professional production of household daily necessities of industry and trade enterprises. OEM Mosquitoes repellent hanging net Manufacturers and Wholesale Mosquitoes repellent hanging net Factory. Now owns 20000 square meters of plant, has passed ISO9000 and WCA verification, 3A grade credit enterprise, is one of the outstanding enterprises in Zhejiang Province. Our factory is located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, west of Hangzhou, east of Shanghai, traffic and transportation are very convenient.

The factory mainly produces various types of masks, mosquito repellent, aromatic agent, deodorant, toilet cleaning agent, moisture-proof and moisture-absorbing agent and other products. It has a 100,000-level standard dust-free purification workshop, more than 30 fully automated mask production lines, with an average daily production capacity of 1 million masks, and intelligent management and production through ERP system. Deodorizing aroma, mosquito repellent and other product formulations are introduced from abroad, advanced, environmental protection, and the effect is remarkable. Every year, the company will invest funds to develop new products and improve new equipment to meet the different needs of the market and customers.

Our products are mainly exported to Japan (80%), Europe (15%), Australia (5%) and other countries and regions, supply Wholesale Mosquitoes repellent hanging net, the product quality is good, the price is reasonable, the service is in place, well received by domestic and foreign customers.

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Mosquitoes repellent hanging net Industry knowledge
Mosquitoes repellent hanging net What is the purpose of using mesh materials?
The use of mesh materials in mosquito repellent hanging nets serves several important purposes:
Mosquito Barrier: The primary purpose of using mesh materials is to create a physical barrier between individuals sleeping or resting inside the net and mosquitoes or other flying insects outside. The mesh is designed with tiny openings that are small enough to prevent mosquitoes from passing through. This barrier prevents mosquitoes from coming into contact with the individuals inside the net.
Air Circulation: Mesh materials are chosen for their ability to allow adequate air circulation while still providing effective mosquito protection. The fine mesh allows fresh air to pass through, ensuring that individuals inside the net remain comfortable and do not feel suffocated or overheated.
Visibility: The mesh material allows individuals inside the net to see outside and be aware of their surroundings. This is important for safety and comfort, especially when the net is used indoors or in unfamiliar environments.
Light Penetration: Mesh materials permit natural light to enter the net, allowing individuals inside to have sufficient visibility during daylight hours. This can be especially useful when the net is used in well-lit indoor settings.
Comfort: Mesh materials are lightweight and soft, making them comfortable to sleep under. They do not create a sense of confinement or discomfort for the individuals inside the net.
Packability: Mesh materials are easy to fold or roll up, making mosquito nets highly portable and suitable for travel or camping. They can be packed into compact sizes for convenient transportation.
Durability: Mesh materials are chosen for their durability and resistance to wear and tear. A well-maintained mosquito net with sturdy mesh can provide long-lasting protection.
What is the function of the hanging design of Mosquitoes repellent hanging net?
The hanging design of mosquito repellent hanging nets serves several important functions, making them an effective tool for providing protection against mosquitoes and other flying insects:
Mosquito Barrier: The primary function of the hanging design is to create a physical barrier that separates individuals inside the net from mosquitoes and other insects outside. By suspending the net above the bed or sleeping area, it forms a protective enclosure that prevents mosquitoes from coming into contact with those inside.
Prevent Entry: The hanging design ensures that the netting covers the entire sleeping or resting area, leaving no gaps or openings through which mosquitoes can enter. This effectively blocks mosquitoes from accessing the individuals inside the net.
Versatility: The hanging design allows mosquito repellent nets to be used in various settings, both indoors and outdoors. They can be hung from ceilings, bed frames, trees, or other supports, making them suitable for different sleeping environments.
Ease of Use: Hanging nets are relatively easy to install and use. They can be set up quickly and do not require complex assembly. Most nets come with attachment points, hooks, or cords that simplify the hanging process.
Air Circulation: The hanging design ensures that there is space between the net and the sleeping surface, allowing for adequate air circulation. This helps prevent the feeling of confinement or stuffiness often associated with enclosed spaces.
Visibility: Individuals inside the net can see through the mesh and have visibility of their surroundings. This is important for comfort and safety, especially when the net is used indoors.
Accessibility: The hanging design allows individuals to enter and exit the net easily. Nets often feature overlapping openings or flaps that can be secured with closures, such as zippers or ties, making it simple to enter or exit while keeping mosquitoes out.
Portability: Hanging nets are portable and can be easily transported for travel or camping. They can be folded or rolled up for compact storage when not in use.
Effectiveness: When installed correctly and securely, hanging nets are highly effective at providing mosquito protection, reducing the risk of mosquito bites and the transmission of mosquito-borne diseases.

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