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Our company was established in 1998, is a professional production of household daily necessities of industry and trade enterprises. OEM Solid gel aromatics Manufacturers and Wholesale Solid gel aromatics Factory. Now owns 20000 square meters of plant, has passed ISO9000 and WCA verification, 3A grade credit enterprise, is one of the outstanding enterprises in Zhejiang Province. Our factory is located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, west of Hangzhou, east of Shanghai, traffic and transportation are very convenient.

The factory mainly produces various types of masks, mosquito repellent, aromatic agent, deodorant, toilet cleaning agent, moisture-proof and moisture-absorbing agent and other products. It has a 100,000-level standard dust-free purification workshop, more than 30 fully automated mask production lines, with an average daily production capacity of 1 million masks, and intelligent management and production through ERP system. Deodorizing aroma, mosquito repellent and other product formulations are introduced from abroad, advanced, environmental protection, and the effect is remarkable. Every year, the company will invest funds to develop new products and improve new equipment to meet the different needs of the market and customers.

Our products are mainly exported to Japan (80%), Europe (15%), Australia (5%) and other countries and regions, supply Wholesale Solid gel aromatics, the product quality is good, the price is reasonable, the service is in place, well received by domestic and foreign customers.

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Solid gel aromatics Industry knowledge
How do Solid gel aromatics work without using liquids or aerosols?
Solid gel aromatics work without using liquids or aerosols through a process called volatilization or evaporation. The key to their operation is the semi-solid gel matrix in which fragrances are embedded. Here's how solid gel aromatics work:
Semi-Solid Gel Matrix: The core component of solid gel aromatics is a semi-solid gel substance. This gel matrix is typically made of a polymer material that has the property of holding and retaining fragrances within its structure.
Infusion of Fragrances: Fragrances, which can be natural essential oils or synthetic scents, are infused into the gel matrix during the manufacturing process. These fragrances are evenly distributed throughout the gel.
Volatilization of Fragrances: The gel matrix slowly releases fragrances into the air through a process known as volatilization or evaporation. This occurs because the fragrant molecules in the gel are in constant motion, and some of them escape from the gel's surface into the surrounding air.
Continuous and Slow Release: Solid gel aromatics are designed to provide a continuous and slow release of fragrances over time. The rate of evaporation is controlled by the properties of the gel matrix and the concentration of fragrance infused into it. This controlled release ensures that the fragrance remains effective for an extended period.
Air Circulation: Adequate air circulation in the surrounding environment helps disperse the fragrance molecules, ensuring that the scent is distributed throughout the space.
No Liquid or Aerosols: Unlike liquid-based air fresheners or aerosol sprays, solid gel aromatics do not rely on liquid solutions or propellants to disperse the fragrance. They function solely through the slow release of scent from the gel matrix.
No Open Flame or Electricity: Solid gel aromatics do not require an open flame or electricity to operate, making them safe to use in various settings. They are also non-messy and do not leave behind any residue.
Long-Lasting: The longevity of the fragrance in solid gel aromatics is a result of the slow and controlled release of fragrances from the gel matrix. Depending on the product and environmental conditions, a single container of solid gel aromatic can provide fragrance for several weeks to months.
How does Solid gel aromatics produce a variety of fragrances?
Solid gel aromatics can produce a variety of fragrances by incorporating different types of scented oils or compounds into the gel matrix during the manufacturing process. This process allows manufacturers to create a wide range of scents to cater to various preferences. Here's how solid gel aromatics produce a variety of fragrances:
Fragrance Oils or Compounds: Manufacturers source various fragrance oils or compounds, which can be natural or synthetic, to create different scents. These fragrance components are carefully formulated to achieve specific aromatic profiles.
Formulation: Fragrance experts and perfumers work on formulating the desired scents by blending specific fragrance oils or compounds in precise ratios. The formulations aim to replicate the scent of flowers, fruits, herbs, spices, woods, or other aromatic elements.
Infusion into the Gel Matrix: Once the fragrance formulation is prepared, it is infused into the semi-solid gel matrix during the manufacturing process. The gel matrix is designed to absorb and hold the fragrances effectively.
Even Distribution: Fragrances are evenly distributed throughout the gel matrix to ensure consistent scent release over time.
Controlled Release: The rate at which fragrances are released from the gel matrix is controlled by the properties of the gel and the formulation of the fragrance. The interaction between the gel and the fragrances allows for slow and controlled fragrance release.
Labeling and Packaging: Manufacturers label and package the solid gel aromatics with descriptions of the specific fragrance used, allowing consumers to select scents that suit their preferences.
Variety of Fragrances: Solid gel aromatic products are available in a wide variety of fragrances, including floral, fruity, herbal, spicy, woody, citrusy, and many others. The choice of fragrances can vary from brand to brand and product to product.
Seasonal and Thematic Scents: Manufacturers often release seasonal or thematic collections of solid gel aromatics. For example, they may offer holiday-themed scents during the winter season or floral scents for spring.
Custom Blends: Some manufacturers may create custom fragrance blends to differentiate their products. These unique blends can offer a signature scent that sets their products apart from others on the market.
Consumer Preferences: Ultimately, the variety of fragrances available in solid gel aromatics caters to the diverse preferences of consumers, allowing them to select scents that align with their personal tastes and the ambiance they wish to create 

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